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Diagnostic Garment

With Physia Garments, we helped move the product forward by taking their modular Proof of Concept, and designed a custom, professionally manufacturable PCB.

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Electrona Robotics

Remote Submersible Platform

We helped Electrona transition from Proof of Concept to a Minimum Viable Product by taking their system from off-the-shelf modules to a professionally designed PCB in 3 months.


Myomo Inc.

Robotic Orthotic Prosthetics

At Myomo Inc., we designed and integrated several analog/digital, low-power PCBs for their pediatric orthotic prosthetic prototype. This involved power distribution systems, several I2C sensors, and microcontroller interfaces.



Drop-In Infrastructure

We helped WrightGrid optimize their solar-powered phone charging and Wi-Fi kiosk by redesigning several legacy PCBs into 1 board. This involved a combination of power distribution, low-power circuits, and software interfacing.

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Loci Controls

Automated Landfill Gas Collection

Loci has been a long-time client and we frequently optimize, upgrade, and redesign their schematics and PCBs. Most recently we invented a way to make one of their boards airtight.

Past Clients:

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