Client Testimonials:

Will Schymik,
Kaleido Labs

Mike got me past the finished line of my first completed prototype. Helped me find suitable and affordable product components and taught some of the hard skills needed to produce a marketable product. He frequently reached out with new ideas and suggestions too - clearly does his homework.  -Will S.

Capt. Bjorn Ahlander,

Draken Harald Harfagre

Mike uses plenty of initiative, and takes pride and interests in his work. Mike is completely trustworthy, hardworking, and would be an asset to any future employer or company.

Ryan Wright,

Mike is the kind of engineer that any startup CEO dreams about; he's hardworking, passionate about his work, and works well in a team environment. Any team would be very luck to have Mike. Bottom line, Mike gets things done.

Matt Sheuer,
Electrona Robotics

Mike's creative approach to technical design saved my company time and money by designing 2 PCBs into 1 using selective population techniques.

Eddie Obropta, Raptor Maps

Mike Thomas provides quality hardware contracting services. He assisted us in fabricating enclosures for electronics on a fast schedule. He is dependable and works efficiently. He can manage his own project schedule without supervision.

Peter Quigley,

Loci Controls

Mike has provided integral, on-call electronics design and debug for Loci Controls. Over the years, Mike has helped move our products forward by solving highly technical problems with creative and efficient solutions.