From digital to analog, and from Arduino/Raspberry Pi shields to fully custom PCBs, we've designed it all. At Proteus Engineering, we have experience implementing low-power supply systems, communication buses, and custom MCUs.

PCB Layout

At Proteus Engineering, we don't just layout circuit boards. We combine artistry and engineering to develop creative, effective solutions to your design problems. From combining multiple PCBs into 1 design, to selective population, or inventing a way to make your PCB airtight, we've got you covered.


Whether it be a napkin sketch, a part you have on hand, or anywhere in between, we can model your hardware in CAD and deliver detailed engineering drawings. We have the experience to design for injection molding, 3D printing, machining, and sheet metal.

3D Printing

Being experts in rapid product prototyping, we're experts in 3D printing technology. Our clients regularly come to us for quick-turn 3D printing services. We currently offer FDM printing services for all your prototyping needs.


From working with PCB manufacturers, to bring-up, debug, and manual solder repairs, we have the experience needed to ensure your custom boards arrive fully populated and functional.

Product Design

With years of experience across many sectors, products, and projects, Proteus Engineering can steer you in the right direction when it comes to design choices, manufacturing methods, and choosing the best strategy to get your product to market most efficiently.

Repair Services

Our first skill was repair. By studying how products are built, we learned how to design better. Over the years, we have repaired smart phones and laptops by replacing bricked hard drives, dead batteries, broken displays, and bugged motherboards. You can trust our professional repair services with your most prized tech.


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